Why Us

Our foundations are built on trust.

We build homes so you can build your nest egg.

We’ve created a new way forward for real estate investing by constructing high-quality properties for investors to sell. And we do it in a way that saves you time, stress and money. Our parent company, ODC Construction, LLC, is the largest shell contractor in the Southeast. Leveraging their operating software and systems, Commence has CO’d more than 500 homes for investors.

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Our unique cost model.

  • We handle everything. Every aspect of design, planning and construction management is handled by Commence.

  • No hidden fees. No markups. Commence charges one flat fee per home plus our exact costs for labor and materials. There are no markups nor upcharges. You pay our labor and materials rates, negotiated at our scale.

  • Fund as you build. We don’t require you to pay for the entire build upfront. We collect payments at five draw points, enabling you to keep your cash in your high-interest-bearing money market accounts until it is needed to fund the next stage of your build.

  • Speed to market. Our average build time is just 140 calendar days, and our proprietary systems ensure you’re up to speed along the way.

  • Sell or rent your high-quality home and count your profits. It’s that simple.

How is Commence different from a general contractor?

We manage build costs better.

While general contractors charge cost plus a markup on their materials and subs, we constantly work to identify new and cost-effective materials and labor. We negotiate at scale to get you the best deals. Our construction managers are on your job site every day, monitoring all phases of the work to prevent you from paying a penny more than you need to.

We’re completely transparent.

If you work with a GC, you have to take them at their word when it comes to bids and costs. Our robust processes and systems give you access to every purchase order we issue and pay, so you always know exactly where your dollars are being spent, and have peace of mind that we never pad the numbers.

Our process is totally turnkey.

GCs will require you to spend time and energy deciding on materials, reviewing options, selecting finishes…We do it all for you based on our extensive knowledge of what’s selling in your area. You don’t have to make a single selection (unless you want to, in which case we’ll present you with our menu of options.)

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Why Commence homes are competitive when listed for sale.

Typical production builds feature basic materials and options. Commence homes are built with more finishes, including covered lanais, 42″ kitchen cabinets, taller doors and baseboards and other fittings and fixtures that buyers prefer in a new build. When you build with Commence, you build a home that will stand out in a crowded real estate market.


Why flippers choose Commence.

Peace of mind.

Self-managed builds can be a hornet’s nest of uncovered issues, problems to solve and scheduling headaches. Commence handles it all, from permitting to COs, so you can stress less and earn more.

Power of scale.

Self-managed builds are small fish to most vendors and suppliers. Commence negotiates labor and buys materials at scale, so you know you’re paying a great price. Plus, we’ve developed longstanding relationships with trusted industry partners, so we get a response when urgent demands arise.

The team at Commence has made a science of homebuilding. It’s obvious they’ve thought a lot about each and every step, and they do everything the smart way. I don’t hesitate to trust them with my projects. They never let me down.

- Jason Sirounis, FL Pro Brokers

I have a true partner in Commence. They’re always upfront and transparent, and they honor their word. They’re masters of home construction. It’s wonderful to see them at work in my homes.

- Corey Miller, Owner, TCEB Group

Commence makes homebuilding easy. I can focus on what really matters for my business and complete more projects by partnering with them—with much less pain.

- DK Kim, Owner, Leverage Real Estate

We build homes.
You build wealth.

We meet you where you are on your investment journey, whether you have funding, own land or need financing to fund your build.

Let's Commence