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Your real estate investment journey starts here.

We meet you where you are. 

Build your real estate investments from the ground up or bolster what’s already in place. Select one of the following options based on your entry point into real estate investing.

We build homes so you can build your nest egg.

We’ve created a new way forward for real estate investing by constructing high-quality properties for investors to sell. And we do it in a way that saves you time, stress and money.

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The team at Commence has made a science of homebuilding. It’s obvious they’ve thought a lot about each and every step, and they do everything the smart way. I don’t hesitate to trust them with my projects. They never let me down.

- Jason Sirounis, FL Pro Brokers

I have a true partner in Commence. They’re always upfront and transparent, and they honor their word. They’re masters of home construction. It’s wonderful to see them at work in my homes.

- Corey Miller, Owner, TCEB Group

Commence makes homebuilding easy. I can focus on what really matters for my business and complete more projects by partnering with them—with much less pain.

- DK Kim, Owner, Leverage Real Estate

Powering profit margins for investors across Florida.

Commence will help you grow your personal wealth through an approachable real estate investment product and homebuilding process. We construct high-quality properties so you can sell them. Whether you’re an experienced builder or new to real estate investing, we’re ready to work with you.

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